The discussion of giving in the church can be a very sensitive one. There are churches who may not practice “giving” and others who seem to place “giving” at the heart of every church activity. Much has been said and much has been written about giving in the church.

However, Jesus, and other first century leaders, had quite a lot to say about money and the place it holds in our hearts and lives.

Scripture shows us that the discipline of giving is an act of worship to God. The heart and mindset behind this act of worship is laid out in detail in 2 Corinthians 8-9. It is here that Paul encourages the Corinthian church to “excel in the grace of giving.” It is here that we are shown that we are to “give” with a “grateful heart” and to “sow generously”. In 2 Corinthians we also read of the Macedonian Church who exemplified sowing generously by giving beyond what they were able give.

We also see other examples in Scripture of God using the sacrifices of those who give to assist in the taking care of others such as widows and orphans (Acts 7 & James 1). We see what is given used in the assistance of those places who are suffering through natural disasters (the Antioch Church helping the region of Judea in Acts as well as Paul’s words to the Corinthians in 2Corinthians), and man made disasters too.

Like the First century leaders, First Christian Church encourages its congregation to worship God in the discipline of giving. Through the sacrifices made by the saints, the church is able to assist those in need, to spread the Gospel of Jesus to Carthage (our community) and literally to the world. In addition, as an independent Christian Church, meaning we don’t have a denominational headquarters, we pay all of our staff and bills through these acts of Worship.

We see in this passage of 2Corinthians that giving is an act of worship between the worshiper and God and we are to contemplate and think about our offering. There is no set amount only a heart and mindset. If you are interested in giving we invite you to pray and study and be led by God in your giving here at FCC. At each service we offer an opportunity to worship this way or you could give online by following the instructions and link provided below.

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